Watermelon Love.

Watermelon is like Gold in our house.

I look forward all year to watermelon. I wish there were a way to freeze the refreshing summer taste of a perfectly ripe watermelon.

But there is not (or maybe you all are hiding something from me...please don't hesitate if you have any life altering suggestions of ways that I can include more watermelon in my life)

Call me a 'green' housewife, but this tip has changed my life
(scratch that...this tip has changed my summer life).

So, How do you cut a watermelon?

This is how I do it...

Start by cutting your watermelon in Half, then into thin wedges.

Lay the slice flat and slice vertically.

Then slice Horizontally.

Then separate the watermelon from the peel as seen below.

And there you have it... A perfectly sliced Watermelon...don't mind the piece that is missing :)

Cravings Fulfilled,

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