The SAM Project.

A couple of years ago a friend in our ward lost her 18 month old little boy due to complications from Mitochondrial Disease. In order to honor little Samual she started a service project that runs this time of year. Each year they ask for donations and collect blankets for the Patients at Primary Children's Medical Center and deliver them on or around March 26th (the day of his passing).

I know that many of you are ex-ward members of this sweet family and always ask about helping with the project, so I figured that I would post all of the information here so that you anyone could participate if they wanted to. This is something that we did for Family Home Evening Last year and my kids love helping.

The ironic thing was that a couple of weeks after giving our friend the blankets that we made, my son unexpectedly was admitted to Primary Children's for a few days. I can attest that these blankets really do make a difference in the lives of these little children.

When: All Blankets should be done and turned in to Laura McCluskey by March 20th. (If any of you want to email me when you are done and mail them to me, I would love to get them to her by this date).

Blanket Specifications (Primary Children's Rules):

Fleece Blankets: 72" x 60" (2 yards)

Quilts: 72" x 90" , 54" x 80" and 45" x 60" ( no all red flannel)

Quilted or tied quilts are both okay.

Receiving Blankets 36" x 36"

These are only specifications/recommendations, but don't have to be exactly followed.

If you want to know more about The Sam Project you can visit their website.


little girls room ideas

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