Dream Master....

I am obsessed with this Master Bedroom. I LOVE it! I can't get enough of looking at it.
Not only do I love the textures but I LUUUUVE the color, the size and shape of the room (okay, that might not be something that I can duplicate) and of coarse the furniture. Take a look....

I think my favorite thing is the combination of the light blue, navy blue and yellow. I am totally changing the colors of my master bedroom now. And this is what I am basing it off of. Do you think I can pull it off in my tiny little bedroom?

I got the idea for this on a website that always has great ideas.... Brooklyn Limestone.

PS...if you are in love with the tufted comforter like me, Walmart currently has a line of them in the Better Homes and Gardens line. The only problem for me is that they don't have that light blue that I love.

Cravings Fulfilled,

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