Freezer Friday

I am trying to save a little more money and waste less food around here. Normally I will just throw out strawberries that are looking a little past their prime.

We love pancakes and crepes at our house. We also love to put strawberries on those two things, so I decided to save the strawberries.

Here is how I did it.

Cut all strawberries and slice into thin pieces. Sprinkle about 2 T. of sugar and 1/2 t. vanilla over the top.


Let sit 10 min and let the juices begin to form.

I then took half of my strawberries, placed them in the blender with a Tablespoon of milk to form a syrup. Then I added the syrup back with the strawberries, mixed it well and then placed into freezer bags.

Next time, you should give it a try.

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  1. My teenage girls would love that! They are always making smoothies! Thanks for the nice comment on my daughter's bedroom reveal!

  2. yummy! i think ive had something similar to this before and its delish!!

  3. I love a quick freezer idea. Bags of pre-cut red peppers, green peppers, and onions make my life so much easier. Now I'll have a great little strawberry concoction as well. I hate, hate, hate, having to toss out tail-end fruits and veggies. Thanks.

  4. That is as great idea! I'm bad about throwing out strawberries too:) I will have to try this with the ones that are sitting in my fridge now!

  5. Great idea! I need to be better about saving food!

  6. Yummy! I never thought of making sauce and freezing! Fabulous idea! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn