R.A.C.K.'ed for Chrismtas

Have you heard of R.A.C.K.ed?  

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.

This year instead of a normal Advent we are doing an act of service each day.  With each act of Service we we will leave a little Christmas note (picture above). I have made a list of acts of service and put them in my advent calendar.  I am excited to see the affect that this tradition has on each family member in my home. 

Here are the things that we are going to do each day:
1. Take Gymnastics teacher a thank you card and treat.
2. Rack neighbors leaves
3. Tap quarters to a vending maching
4. Take Primary teachers Thank You Notes and a treat
5. Take some change to the Salvation Arm Bell Ringers
6. Take treats to the post office workers
7. Take Ms. Chesnek a Thank You Note and treat
8. Take treats to the front office at school
9. Tape. quarters to a toy machine
10. Hand Out flowers to random people at the mall.
11. Take Hot Chocolate to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers or other outside worker.
12. Take Preschool teachers a gift.
13. Take Neighbors Trash cans back in after they have been emptied.
14. Take Breakfast in to everyone at Eric's work
15. Put some $ in bag and tape onto machines at laundromat. 
16. Tape candy on cars at temple and thank them for their service. 
17. Go visit Great Grandpa Jim at the VA.
18. Write a Letter to all Grandparents and Thank them for their examples.
19. Take doughnuts to constrction site
20. Tape money up in random places at the dollar store. 
21. Take a treat to a neighbor.
22. Hand out gloves at an outdoor holiday event. 
23. Take Wendys dinner to Homeless.
24. Make Cookies for Santa.

So, if you would like to join the bandwagon, you should.  What a great way to celebrate the holiday season.

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