Taco Ring

I tried a Taco Ring the other day. It was pretty simple and a great way to break up the monotony.
Here are a couple of pictures. It is pretty self explanatory.

Afterward I added Lettuce, Salsa and Sour Cream to the middle. It was a yummy simple meal that the kids loved.


  1. Looks yummy! I'll have to try it sometime when I have a working oven again.

  2. Thanks! I love that I can not only get ideas for sewing and crafts from my blogs, but menu ideas as well. I love the sewing and crafting, but coming up with menu ideas is not my thing.

  3. I'm giving it a four out of four stars review! Everyone loved it!

  4. I love the taco ring. We use two rows of the triangles so it has more bread (looks like a fuller daisey at the start). Plus, if everyone likes onions in the house, you can add the over or under you meet layer. The one recipe in this world I can 'do', LOL!