Big Flat Pancakes (i.e. Crepes)

Do you have recipe's that bring back a lot of memories?

Big Flat Pancakes is one of those for me.

When I first got married my husband kept asking me why I called them big flat pancakes when they were really crepes. I don't know the answer to that except that my mom, my grandmother and my great-grandmother have always called them Big Flat Pancakes.

So, why not stick with tradition?!?...Right!


This recipe brings back memories from my early days living in Murray, to my high school days sitting at my uncles table eating as many as possible, to my college days where I started the tradition of inviting friends over on the Saturday Morning of General Conference to eat them, to my current life watching my children being completely satisfied after stuffing their faces.

So, do you want to start using this recipe?

Then here you go….

(ps...I think this is the first time that I have ever written down this recipe. I have known it in my head since I was 12. Everyone in my family calls me when they want to make them so that they can get the recipe, so count yourselves lucky!)

Tyler Family Big Flat Pancakes


2 ¼ c. Milk

4 Large Eggs

Dash of salt

1 T. Sugar

¼ c. Vegetable Oil

2 c. Flour

½ t. cinnamon (this is not in the original recipe, but something that I have added over the years)


Blend all ingredients in a blender. If you like your crepes thinner, add about ¼ c. milk.

Warm a large griddle to 300 deg. (you can use a skillet on the oven…I don't like how uneven it cooks the crepes).

Pour 2- 3 T of batter on griddle. Pick up edges of griddle and turn the pan in a circular motion so that you can make a large circle. The faster you turn the batter, the thinner the crepe will end up, so pick it up fast and turn.

Cook for about 2-3 minutes, flip and cook for 10-30 sec.

Serve. I love mine warm with a little butter and sugar (or cinnamon sugar) sprinkled over the top. There are lots of options. You can fill with fruit and whipped cream, nutella and Banana's…the possibilities are endless.

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