2010 Thanksgiving,Christmas, New Years Card

I have to start my post with an apology.

When I made my Christmas Cards, I ordered 20. Come to find out, I probably should have ordered 30-40. I did not have enough to send to all of the people that I wanted.

Trying to keep on budget I am not going to order anymore, so hopefully those of you who didn't receive one will accept my apology and enjoy what you can of it here on the blog.

This is what it looks like:


Now, since you probably can't read that small print inside the card, here is the text that was included:

Top 10 Things we are thankful for after 2010:

10.) Being an American. It may not be a perfect country with perfect leaders, but we sure are grateful for the freedom that we have to worship the way that we choose.

9.) Jobs. Not only are Eric and I both blessed to have jobs in this economy, but we both have jobs that we enjoy. Eric put it best when he said…’It is nice to have a job where it doesn’t matter if it is Monday or Friday.’

8.) Amazing Teachers. As our children get older, we are so thankful for all for all of the amazing teachers that our children know and learn from. Especially those who teach our children at church, they are heroes in our home.

7.) Good Health. Knock on Wood. After a scare with Marcus this year and a long visit to Primary Children’s Hospital, we are grateful for healthy bodies and amazing doctors.

6.) The Little Things. The success of a child’s prayer, comforting a child by making their ‘blanky flat’ at bed time, the blowing of kisses from Emma on her first day of school. Each of us have little things to appreciate this year.

5.) Family History. We have learned about so many of our ancestors stories this year and the examples that they have set. Eric and I are excited to take our first family names to the temple.

4.) The hard times. Because they've made us stronger and wiser, and the good times even better.

3.) Memories. From a trip to Sea World with the kids to the first alone trip for Tamber and Eric. There are so many wonderful memories that our family will cherish from 2010.

2.) Being able to laugh. Eric and I find ourselves laughing over the little things that our children do, whether it be Marcus trying out new phrases, scaling the fridge or Emma learning to pronounce new words or talking about her first ‘crush’. Our family loves to laugh and make each other laugh.

1.) All of You! This year would not have been so cherished without your influence in our family member’s lives. We have so many amazing family and friends that we could not have lived without in 2010. Thank You for everything you have done for us.

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